Define system.
Think of, discuss, define and research economic, social and value systems.
Then provide definitions and examples of each.

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Divide up the work.
Everyone contributes.
Find definitions and examples.
Reference all information posted.
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Systems (Adele)

A system may be defined as an assemblage of parts (of an environment) in a way that describes the relationships between the parts and their overall function. Systems involve inputs, outputs and processes.

Above is an example of the Photosynthesis System. In this diagram we can see that light energy, carbon dioxide and water are the inputs, photosynthesis is the process and oxygen is the output.Looks great, a good example and clear diagram, thanks Adele. Could you post the reference for it please?I tried to insert a reference but I got the image from a google search and the website it is originally from is 'temporarily unavailable'.Ok, thanks for the update.
Economic Systems (Georgie and Sandy)
This is an example of an economic system; the 5 branch circular flow of income model;The arrows (boxes?) represent the 'processes' taking place between the inputs and outputs, with the black words naming these. This could be a closed system because there is not internal matter being taken in or out of the system, the money just rotates and flows its way around always staying within the system. (*okay just realised that half the arrows are the wrong way around [govt. spending, investment and exports]..... sorry i dont know how to fix it now the image is already uploaded :/ ) A good go at this girls... looking forward to your classmates adding their points also. Do you have a reference for this (a URL or textbook reference you could source?) If you ever need to delete anything, just select/highlight it and hit the delete key. You can then load up another image in its place. A good start, Mrs S
´╗┐Below is the edited version of the 5 sector model. I think I corrected the arrows. Hopefully it is right! :P (not sure about the imports/exports value)
Reference for it: New Concepts in Commerce Edition 2, Steven Chapman, Malcolm Freak
Great! Thanks :-)


Value Systems

A value system is a group of ethical values, generally cultural and personal values. A value system is used for the purpose of ethical or ideological integrity.
Another type of value system is a corporate value system, often including important issues such as health, environment and safety.
A great example, well done... (name?)

An example of a value system (moral, ethical, personal etc):


An example of a value system (corporate):