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To begin to be able to discuss the spectrum of environmental value systems and how those views shape the way an individual or group perceives and evaluates environmental issues, we must first familiarise ourselves with the vocabulary. The syllabus dot point given below is a consistent theme through our studies, and in order to analyse it appropriately later, we must become familiar with the terminology used.

To establish a living document, one that you can continually update with relevant terms.
This will assist you greatly with all written work, comprehension of readings, and examination responses which require you to simply state the definition of a term.

Create a Word document, entitled Glossary of Terms.
Read The ESS Course Companion reading, Chapter 2 - environmental perspectives (you can find this by clicking on "Text Resources" in the navigation pane on the left of this wiki).

After you have read the chapter once, go back to page page 19-21, the section entitled: A classification of different environmental philosophies.
Begin your glossary by adding definitions of all the terms in bold on those page.
Also add any other words you may have had to look up the meaning of to aid you in your understanding of the chapter.

Continue forward to page 26. Add definitions for any of the key words listed there that you do not yet have in your glossary.

On your personal student page in this wiki, create a link entitled Glossary of Terms - your name (this is so that your link name is unique and will not write over another persons link... do this every time you create a link - you can do this by adding your name in the "page name" field of the dialogue box when adding the link, if you prefer).
Upload your Word document glossary.
Update your glossary throughout your studies, when instructed or when appropriate.