Welcome to our ESS Wiki

This will be our primary resource for information, worksheets and other resources, and will be updated regularly.
Larger files will be placed in the SharePoint IB ESS section. You will be referred to SharePoint when files are there for you to access.

I look forward to our collaborative study of Environmental Systems and Societies.
Mrs Sasaki

What`s really the point of ESS?

The Big Issues, from a Big Picture perspective.
Environment issues at the crux, viewed holistically through the multitude of viewpoints.
ESS is often like a big One World - reasoning through economic, social, cultural, ethical and political perspectives.

You will often be challenged; your personal beliefs, your personal actions, your understanding of the way the world works.
You may find you re-assess long held views or understandings... and even the way you live your life.

Ultimately, you will become educated on all the burning issues.
To become knowledgeable and empowered to make change.
Through reasoned and considered research, debate, discussion and decisions.

Something like this...
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) vice-president Jason Clay: "How big brands can help save biodiversity"