Interim (Reporting) Criteria

This rubric outlines the grade boundaries for your school reports. Keep this in mind when undertaking your study of ESS.
Your assessment tasks in DP Year 1 studies will give you practice at the IA criteria (Pl, DCP and DEC), but in some cases will also give you an opportunity to develop your Case Study & Critical Thinking skill, in addition to your writing skills for ESS, and to show your Personal Skills development.
When you get feedback on your assessment tasks in DP Year 1, you will receive feedback on both the IA criteria (when appropriate) and this Interim Criteria for reporting.

Printable Pl, DCP & DEC

Interim Report Grade Boundaries

IBO Subject Reports relating to criteria - examiners comments

Internal Assessment Criteria

The following information and rubrics outline how you will be assessed for school-based Internal Assessment (IA) in DP ESS.

If you also undertake a Group 4 IB Science subject, note the following regarding the rubrics for assessment of the criteria;
=> the ESS Pl rubric is essentially the same as the Group 4 Science D rubric
=> the ESS DCP rubric descriptors are different to the Group 4 Sciences DCP rubric
=> the ESS DEC criterion is different to the Group 4 Sciences CE criterion.

Be sure to check the descriptors for each aspect of the criteria carefully when completing assessment tasks.

Check the detail of what is required for each aspect of the rubrics in the Guidance on the Criteria information further down on this wiki page.


Guidance on the Internal Assessment Criteria

From ESS Guide p62-64