Welcome to the student pages for our study of ESS - this should be a great resource for you, a place to keep your work and a place to collaborate.
Getting started: Create a log-in for this wiki
Firstly, open a Word document for you to record the wiki URL, your wiki username and password.
Save the document into your H drive for easy access; call it ESS log-ins, or something to that effect.
We will use a number of resources that will require you to have your own personal log-in details, so update your Word document each time you establish a new log-in.

For us to start on this wiki, please sign up to wikispaces.
Ensure that your username has something in it that makes you recognisable to your peers.
Then, click "join this wiki" & send your request to join.
I will then create a personal student page for you.

Note that you do not need to log-in to read the wiki, only to post.
After you have logged in, note that there is a mail icon in the top right corner...
though we will use your AIS email account for email correspondence.

Holiday Homework
Due by first day back at school January, 2011.

Part 1:

Read the Text Resource ESS Course Companion readings;
Rutherford Chapter 1 - Historical Overview of the Modern Environmental Movement
Read Rutherford Chapter 2 - Environmental Perspectives
(You can access these via SharePoint; Year 11 Resources -> Diploma Programme -> Group 4 -> ESS -> Text Resources)
Begin a glossary, in Word, with all the key terms in bold, with relevant examples, and any other terms that are new to you.
Upload your glossary to your wiki page

Part 2:

Do task (a) on page 16 of the reading. Do this by following the news for one week and creating a table in a Word document.
Paste your table to your student wiki page.
Read the To Do on page 25 - you DO NOT need to make a poster... just find two contrasting perspectives on an environmental issue and post them to your wiki page.

Part 3:

Do the To Do task on page 16 of the reading: Find a local environmental issue where a pressure group is fighting for a cause and answer the questions 1, 2 & 3.
A "local issue" could mean an issue in Singapore, a neighbouring country such as Malaysia, Australia or your home country (ie, anywhere!).
Post your work to your student wiki page.
Enjoy! :)

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Roberts ESS DP 2012-2013