What topics/issues might be fascinating enough to follow up on for an ESS focussed Extended Essay (EE)?!
Plenty!!! The options are endless!
Research, surveys, sampling, experiments, fieldwork, modelling... all could be utilised in addressing a particular question for an ESS EE.

Check the Australian ABC NEWS website, Environment section... and New Scientist online for up to the minute, real SCIENCE!

If you have a browse through the syllabus, you`ll see topics on Human Population growth, Earth`s resources, Pollution and Climate Change.
You could become an expert on any aspect of these issues, critical to us and future generations.

Here`s just some food for thought....


Or a question that requires some experimenting?

A Chemistry/ESS cross-over type investigation?
A Biology/ESS cross-over type investigation?

Assessing the amount of oil contamination on beaches?

(a method, some sampling at Sentosa, East Coast, West Coast, a holiday to Bintan!?)

Clean drinking water for our and future generations?

(NEWwater, osmotic filtration, desalination plants)

What are these guys & girls up to?